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Why Côte d'Ivoire

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10 reasons to choose Côte d’Ivoire

Reason 1

Côte d'Ivoire is a country in full economic and social development.

Opportunities are growing, and the economic construction and infrastructure are flowering. The opportunities are at hand, waiting to be grabbed!

Reason 2

We are a multicultural country.

There are more than 60 ethnic groups in Côte d’Ivoire, as well as international communities from all around the world.

Reason 3

It is a place that is easy to adapt and acclimate to.

There is no need to learn a « local language » since French is the official language; and English is more and more used as the business language franca.

Reason 4

Abidjan is one of the biggest West African metropolis, as well as one of the most modern cities in West Africa

You will discover the business district of the Plateau, the residential neighborhood of Cocody or the beautiful mansions of Riviera. The city will keep on amazing you !

Reason 5

Thanks to our tropical climate, we enjoy a beautiful weather all year long!

Farewell coats, scarves, gloves and boots! You will find post-card like beaches, with idyllic landscapes only at an hour and a half drive from Abidjan.

Reason 6

Do not worry about the education of your children!

You will find good international schools of French and American systems. Not only in the capital but also in major cities.

Reason 7

We have a rich, diverse and lively culture.

The Ivorian culture is rich in its diversity. From North to South, East to West you will discover the customs and traditions enriched by time.

Reason 8

A local cuisine that is imprinted with cultural diversity and that is a testimony to the wealth of our land.

Ivorian cuisine is known in West Africa as one of the most diverse. From alloco to attiéké, we assure you that it is with pleasure that you enjoy our food.

Reason 9

You are sure to enjoy an exceptional lifestyle.

A lifestyle of luxury. And yes, you would be able to afford the life of your dreams without ruining.

Reason 10

Our national anthem professes it, we are a country of hospitability,

of smiles and laughter. Our country just waiting to be discovered.