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Côte d'Ivoire, upon its independence in 1960, has made economic liberalism and openness to the outside, the basic choices of economic policy. This strategy allowed it to record for many years, a significant economic development.

The socio-political crisis which interrupted the momentum started strongly the foundations of economic growth and social indicators deteriorated.

The economic and human potential remained still intact, while opportunities have become more numerous, due to the will displayed by the authorities to quickly restore the country's economic vitality.

The Government is therefore committed with the support of development partners in an ambitious economic recovery program for the period 2011 - 2015, which has the following objectives:

- Restore growth momentum from 6% in 2015, mainly due to increased investment;

- Substantially reduce poverty by moving from an index poverty rate from 48% today to 16% by 2014.

In this context, CEPICI aspires to contribute to the achievement of objectives and development strategies outlined by the government, through the performance of its tasks, mainly oriented towards the promotion, facilitation, assistance and support for investors using all the activities of the agency.

Investors, partners, stakeholders in the economic sphere and visitors from the public Internet, the center would satisfy your concerns through its new website and will spare no effort to serve you better.