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WAIPA Regional Meeting: CEPICI receives his counterparts from Sub-Saharan Africa

CEPICI, Sub-Saharan Africa Representative for the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) hosted his first Regional meeting in Abidjan on June 20, 2016 under the theme “Promotion and Role of FDI in the Emerging Economies in Sub Saharan Africa”.

This Forum was chaired by HE Mr. Daniel Kablan Duncan, Prime Minister, Minister of Economy, Finance and Budget of Côte d'Ivoire, and effectively attended by Mr. Adama Kone, Deputy Minister in charge of Economy and Finance reporting to the Prime Minister.

More than 200 participants came together, IPA (Investment Promotion Agencies) representatives of Sub-Saharan Africa and Europa, IPAs member of RIAFPI, WAIPA representatives, diplomats, development partners, and personalities from the private sector.

The program was made-up of an opening ceremony, an inaugural conference and a high-level thematic panel where the economic outlook of Sub-Saharan African countries, their issues and challenges as well as the benefit of belonging to the WAIPA were presented.

The President of WAIPA, Arda Ermut emphasized that “WAIPA has over 170 members from 130 countries across the globe, it is an essential platform for IPA’s to share best practices in investment promotion, enhance their abilities and benefit from trainings”.

Based on their desire to provide opportunity for their members, this meeting was a platform for the sharing of country and regional experiences in attracting foreign investment. The participants reflect on the role that FDI can play to reinforce structural and economic transformation in the Emerging Economies in Sub Saharan Africa.

Furthermore, to make this region an attractive destination for FDI and better engage in economic integration, two high-level panels took place about the challenges faced by the Investment Promotion Agencies in term of attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and strategic role of WAIPA.

WAIPA's representatives particularly stressed on the need to strengthen the effectiveness of the structures promoting investment by highlighting the potential, challenges and competitiveness of Sub-Saharan countries economy’s in the process of globalization.